An Experiment in CE​-​5

by Kerrick Michael

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This EP was recorded over the course of about 6 months using different mediums.

My goal sonically was to capture elements of subtlety that would both enhance the melody(s) ...shifting your perception to secondary grooves. I branched out from my comfort zone to evoke some truly raw emotional polarities, so I hope you enjoy it :)

My more esoteric goal was to encapsulate the concept of CE-5 in 5 songs.


CE-5 stands for Close Encounter of the 5th Kind = Human Initiated Contact.

CE-5 is based primarily on meditation where the researcher focuses on his or her location in space/time to mentally broadcast your resonance to invoke a response which can be experienced spiritually or physically.

I have personally been fascinated by this technique of resonance and it has many benefits for anyone who is passionate about meditation and the probability of extraterrestrial/dimensional beings who are very much real and a part of our universe whether we accept it or not.

This is a relatively new and somewhat belittled form of ET research, however anyone with an open mind who understands the benefits of meditation will appreciate CE-5.

Changes in electromagnetism, temperature, polar directions (bring a compass), abnormal emotional or mental strain or calmness, and sensory alteration are the most common signs which indicate an incoming object or an incoming message.

For information on the other types of Close Encounters, I recommend J. Allen Hynek's "The UFO Experience" -- the first scientific enquiry into the phenomenon written in the '70s.

Statistically if even 1% of the scientifically documented evidence from around the world was true, it would cause an enormous shift in the way we view the universe and our place in it.

Bottom line, do your own research and decide for yourself what RESONATES with you.

For more info on me and my music, send me an email.

DJs, I have the tracks with NO hit me up if you want em.

Thanks for checking out my tunes :)

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released September 17, 2013

This EP is an olive branch, hence the cover art of the golden "Olive Branch" that was taken up to the Moon by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. I credit the unknown trooper who took the unaltered original photo that I turned into this craziness ^-^

I dedicate this album to Dr. Steven Greer whom I have never met. He is the still living founder of CE-5.

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Kerrick Michael Nashville, Tennessee

I'm a multi-instrumentalist out of Nashville, TN.

I go to Belmont University for Audio Engineering and plan to go into the field of Ufology.

I have a cat named Thom Yorke.

I love free running and running in general.

I also play in an indie rock back called Ata out of Nashville:
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Track Name: |Fools Walk In|
If's something gonna start,
It's something in here,
We're at it again,
We're at it again

Fools walk in where angels fear to tread.
Track Name: |Dulce Base|
none on this one
Track Name: |Hold On -> ∆dvance|
Hey, hold on....advance
Track Name: |Vatefo Lands|
Just another day..
Where were you anyways?
Did you have fun?
Play in the Sun?

Now they're overhead
Lights flashing red
Give it up and see
Yea they look just like me

Oh the friends who keep the light on
Oh the Vatefo Lands again

State security
Must have had their way
Forced century..
Lacked DNA

Nation under will..
They won't come until
There's a light above..
It's the will of love

Oh the friends who keep the light on
Oh the Vatefo Lands again
Oh the friends who keep the light on
Oh the Vatefo Lands again
Track Name: |Majic|
I did not know.
How did I not know?
How did you not?